Ryan Paul James

Writer. Producer. Director.

Meet ryan paul james

Critically acclaimed and award winning comedy writer, Ryan Paul James has written for the stage, TV and the screen. One theatre critic called him "The Neil Simon of his generation". Another critic said, "Ryan Paul James is an American playwright to watch". Ryan has written ten plays that have entertained audiences all over the world. He's been recognized in several publications as being one of the funniest writers in theatre.

Ryan has also written for television. He is currently writing for two TV shows (O.B.S. & Little Miracles).

He’s also written and created numerous TV shows and has received many awards for his pilot “The Comeback Kids”. He's also won many script competitions with his scripts for “The Love Brokers”, “Together Forever?” and “Grid Iron Dad”.

Currently Ryan's web series "The Quarantine Bunch" has been winning many film festivals all over the U.S.

Recently Ryan has been writing several screenplays and he looks forward to breaking into that market of the entertainment industry.





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